UBEMSA DEANS CUP: Med200 vs Med210 live updates

UBEMSA DEANS CUP: Med200 vs Med210 live updates


UBEMSA DEANS CUP: Med200 vs Med210 live updates

UBEMSA DEANS CUP: Med200 vs Med210 live updates

It’s Matchday 2 of the ongoing UBEMSA DEANS Cup. Today, we have two very talented teams playing against each other; MED200 and MED210.

During their last outing, MED200 came out victorious. However, today is an entirely different game and an entirely different circumstance. MED210 will be seeking revenge while MED200 will want to retain its dominance.

Stay tuned as I update you on the breathtaking moments of this promising match.

It is 4:28 PM and the game has started with MED200 having the first kick of the game.

Barely 5 minutes into the game and MED200 already have their first shot on target. The game is looking one-sided at the moment; MED200 dominating the game.

MED200 just had their goal canceled as Vitalis was marked offside.

Another attempt from Big Wiz but the MED210 goalkeeper was too strong to beat.

Goalllll!!!. Kelvinxy has made it 1 nil in favor of Med 200.

Unbelievable!!!. Barely 10 minutes after the first goal, Big Wiz makes it 2.

Med 200 was inches close to making it 3.

It’s a free kick in favor of Med210. Troy D rises to the responsibility. Unfortunately, he was unable to beat the defenders.

The referee has canceled another goal scored by Med 210. Vitalis committed a foul against the goalkeeper.

It’s a goal!!!!! Logos makes it 3 for Med 200.

Goalll! Big Wiz makes it 4. This is mouthwatering.

The Med200 defense seems too difficult for Med210 to beat.

The referee has blown the whistle for the end of the first half. Med200 dominated the first half. Hopefully, the Med210 class can achieve an unbelievable comeback in the second half.

The second half is underway. Another 45 minutes of intense football awaits us.

An amazing attempt from Ruru but the keeper points it out for a corner.

Kelvinxy leaves action for GP.

Med200 comes close again but the Med210 defense was up to the task.

Goal!!! GP the substitute makes it 5 from a rebound.

Goal!!!! Logos makes it 6. We await a response from Med210.

The goals keep pouring in. GP the substitute makes it 7.

Med210 has been impressive for the past 5 minutes, trying to find a consolation goal but the Med200 defense looks impossible to penetrate.

Goal!!! Logos makes it 8 from an amazing outside shot. The Med200 team is making a statement.

An amazing attempt from Efosa(Med210). The keeper points it out for a corner.

The referee blows the whistle for the last time. Game over here at Synthetic Pitch. Final score; Med200 8:0 Med210.


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