Tribunal Clears Nigerian Doctor (@ourfavonlinedoctor) Of Rape Allegation By Ex-lover


Tribunal Clears Nigerian Doctor (@ourfavonlinedoctor) Of Rape Allegation By Ex-lover

A Nigerian celebrity, Dr. Olufunmilayo Ogunsanya, was found not guilty of rape on Wednesday by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in the United Kingdom. He had been accused of the crime by his ex-girlfriend, Dr. Bolanle Aseyan.

In June 2020, Bolanle in a series of tweets alleged that Ogunsanya abused her sexually and emotionally throughout their one-year relationship when visiting his residence in the UK.

She dragged Dr. Ogunsanya before the UK Metropolitan Police on allegations of rape but he was cleared by the UK police after investigation as the police noted that they that the allegations were unsubstantiated.

But not satisfied with the decision of the UK Metropolitan Police on the matter, Bolanle filed a complaint with the UK’s General Medical Council (GMC) in 2020 against him and the GMC referred the matter to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal on Wednesday, July 19 in its decision determined that all the allegations made against Dr. Ogunsanya were not proved, hence, the Tribunal ruled that Ogunsanya’s right to practise as a medical doctor has not been impaired.

“It is important to state that the standard of proof at the Tribunal which resulted in their findings was based on a balance of probability; and not proved beyond reasonable doubt. This is very significant because it shows that the allegation had no iota of merit or credibility.

“This latest vindication of Funmi is a victory for all victims of false accusations of sexual misconduct. As one of the lawyers to Funmi in Nigeria, I’m excited by the outcome of the case at the Medical Tribunal.

“The false accuser, Dr. Bolanle Aseyan, is currently facing both civil and criminal lawsuits in Nigeria for her actions. No one should have to go through what Funmi has ensured these past years. False rape allegations should never be trivialized. It is evil and despicable.

“Funmi is doing well and he sends his regards to all those who have stood by him and believed in his innocence. Like I have always said, history will vindicate the just.

“It is pertinent to stress that Dr. Funmi has not only been exonerated of rape, he has also been exonerated of sexual abuse and emotional abuse falsely leveled against him by his ex,” a Nigerian human rights lawyer, Inihebe Effiong said while reacting to the ruling.



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