Meet woman who eats over 4 toilet paper rolls daily

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Meet woman who eats over 4 toilet paper rolls daily

A woman identified as Kinah says she eats 4 rolls of toilet paper daily for over 20 years now and she spends $2,700 a year on it.

Kinah simply cannot get enough of the stuff and says she’ll eat it at “work, in the car or at the nail salon,” seemingly much to the amusement of the salon owner, who is left baffled by her client’s unusual habit.

Kinah consumes up to four rolls of toilet paper a day, which equates to a whopping 14,000 pounds worth of the stuff over the last 20 years.

And she’s having to splash the paper for the paper, as TLC reports that she spends a whopping $2,700 (£2,100) annually on her toilet paper addiction, a far-cry from the $182 (£140) spent by an average American.

Kinah also shared that she has a penchant for a particular type of loo roll, preferring the thinner one ply sheets of paper, due to it being easier to consume. She described it as like “eating a pb and j [peanut butter and jelly sandwich] without the crust,” confessing to loving the “crunch”.

Waxing lyrical over her love for toilet paper, Kinah went on to say that her toilet paper habit is great as it has “zero calories and doesn’t leave you with a hangover”.

Kinah’s fiancé seems less than impressed with Kinah’s toilet paper consumption and hopes to wipe it away. He shared: “It’s not meant fort human consumption. It’s f**king gross man.”

But Kinah seemingly won’t be parted with her love of all things loo roll, as she continued: “You know that feeling, like after Thanksgiving, you’ve eaten all your favourite foods and you’re just sitting on your couch and you’re just relaxing, like, that’s what I feel after I eat toilet paper.”

“When people see me eating toilet paper, I’ll get a few like weird stares. I even saw one person pull their phone out and try to record me but I don’t care, everyone has their weird things that they do and that’s just mine”.

Pica is a feeding disorder in which someone eats non-food substances which do not have any nutritional value.



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