Lady in tears as she hears women at nail salon call her ‘charcoal,’ vows never to return (Video)

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Lady in tears as she hears women at nail salon call her ‘charcoal,’ vows never to return

In a video that has since gone viral on the TikTok app, a lady with handle @kathyponi, recounted a distressing experience at a local nail salon, vowing never to return after being called “charcoal.”

The video has sparked widespread sympathy and outrage from netizens as they condemn the disrespectful behavior displayed by the nail shop staff.

In the heart-wrenching video, @kathyponi shared her ordeal during a recent visit to the nail salon.

According to her, she was subjected to hurtful and derogatory remarks by the women at the shop, who mistakenly believed she couldn’t understand their language, Luganda.

She recounted how they allegedly referred to her as “charcoal” using the phrase “Ono alinga amanda,” a term that deeply affected her emotionally.

Despite the insult, @kathyponi mentioned that she loved the nails she received during her visit.

In her words;

“So I went to this nail shop today, and the women there talking about me thinking I don’t understand Luganda. Saying “Ono alinga amanda”(this one is like charcoal)”. I almost cried look at my eyes.”

However, the emotional trauma caused by the offensive comments overshadowed any positive feelings about her manicure.

Tearfully addressing the camera, she expressed how deeply hurt she was by the incident, leaving viewers moved by her vulnerability.

Netizens Reactions…

@Brendah said; “Why don’t you put them in their position.”

@Libra Savage said; “And you still made your nails there, I would’ve left.”

@Flash bae commented; “Me one day I had plaited my hair and bypassed some Gishu lady’s and they said I look like a bird and laughed not knowing am a Gishu too.”

@Seraph Sane reacted; “She was projecting her insecurities on you. You are gorgeously melanated and that is your power.”

@Hitilafu said; “You could simply have responded with. Naah, this is not charcoal, its more of darkness and kept quiet.”

@Ta_ogebeauty said; “Why does that make yogh sad hun, cry? Why? Nothing wrong in been too dark. I swear you are so beautiful am not even joking.”

@Wakawaka commented; “Someday, not today. Your tolerance of disrespect will be nil and you will tell it as it is. You are very very beautiful.”

@remzy commented; “I would have smiled. Melanin is so beautiful. Don’t ever cry coz of ignorant pple.”

@Jesusistheonlywaytogo reacted; “Sorry about that dear, everyone is beautiful in there own way.”

@user4679345598298 said; “Next time smile at them and respond in Luganda thanking them for recognizing your complexion and your beauty cos you look gorgeous.”

Lady shed tears becauase she was told she too black at nail shop where fixed her nail

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