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Funny Twitter thread about how people found out that their friends are from rich families

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Funny twitter thread

A Funny Twitter thread about how people found out that their friends are from wealthy families is currently making the rounds online.

The thread reveals funny encounters that led to the uncovery of rich friends who kept their wealth in secret.

We(The Griot) have gathered a few tweets to make you laugh.

Funny Tweets about how some people found out that their friend is from a rich family:

@Ungeeking: He impregnated ss2 student, drops out to start business, and employed one of us to nanny his baby while his baby mama write exams.

@aeeshatu_: Saw a picture of one of the toilets in their house….. it was bigger than our sitting room.

@ObideyiEmmy1: when I was in JSS3 a boarding school this guy was crying coz his dad told him he missed him and wanted to see him in America but my guy was crying coz when he asked his dad about the weather it was snowing my guy said it will be to cold for him I was like tell you daddy to come and carry me I like snow well well I later found out his dad was a international pilot 👩‍✈️

@Chukwumerie: Lmao.. this guy get allergy. Ah mean, garri allergy.

@ChusomB12: She was asking me how she would get her transcript just after graduation so she could begin processing for her master’s after University. While I was there thinking of states that pay copers alawee.

@badboy_trea: This guy saw a rat and called it a ‘mouse’

@CChieringo: My guy lost $30k in crypto and he was still normal. Like normal 😲. He casually discussed it with Dad and they just laughed it off.I lost $1k in the same period, the reason I survived till today is by the special grace of God

@Slygarba: For JSS3, we were asked to name kitchen utensils as unprepared test, na so my guy named over 20 conveniently. Home econs teacher brought only his script and asked how he got to know all of those, my friend replied “we have everything at home” teacher shouted and we all knew why.

@Omolefi1: I spent December holiday with them, and while getting ready to sleep on the first night, they wore their pyjamas. He saw me on my normal normal boxers and asked me of my own pj 🤦‍♂️ lmfao… wetin be pyjamas, ogbeni gimme Ankara make I use for aso’bora 🤣🤣.

@Alibab_Faridah: Posted a video on my status with the caption “the beautiful city of makkah” this girl replied my status and said no, this is medinah ☺️instead of me to agree I replied not like you’ve been there before 😂behold this girl sent me a picture of her in the same location I posted 😭😂

@Chief_Ire: We were all chilling till final year when Jonathan’s adopted daughter said she was getting married. That was when we all knew she was Jonathan’s daughter.

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