CAN finally responds to El-Rufai's anti-Christian Statement

Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN finally responds to El-Rufai’s anti-Christian Statement

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CAN finally responds to El-Rufai's anti-Christian Statement

CAN finally responds to El-Rufai’s anti-Christian Statement

The CAN chairman in Kaduna state, John Joseph Hayab while speaking in an interview with Asrise TV on Wednesday alleged that the former Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai was only playing games and not speakinf for all Muslims in his viral anti-christian sentimental video.

According to the Kaduna state CAN chairman, El-Rufai was only pushing his own personal agenda and not speaking for the Kaduna and Nigerian Muslims.

A viral video El-Rufai had gone viral where he was speaking on how Muslim-Muslim ticket helped the All Progressive Congress retain power in Kaduna and Nigeria.

CAN finally responds to El-Rufai's anti-Christian Statement

El-Rufai, who was addressing a congregation of Muslim clerics (In Hausa) in Kaduna in the viral video had said, “Despite all the ethic gathering and religious politics played by the opposition, God gave Asiwaju Tinubu Victory.

“What We successfully did in Kaduna (Muslim-Muslim ticket) has now been replicated all over the country…”

Reacting to El-Rufai’s claims, Hayab said, “This video in the first place is real, because that is El-Rufai for you. If you have known El-Rufai for 20 years and you watch this video now, you will know this is the El-Rufai, because El-Rufai has not changed.

“Let me put it clear, for even thinking that the victory of Asiwaju was a Muslim thing shows that the man is actually living in inferiority complex, feeling people look down on me, people feel I’m not fit to be. So, he says things and act to show his might,”he added.

Speaking on the Muslim-Muslim ticket and the victory of Tinubu, the CAN chairman said, “Everybody knew that the victory of Asiwaju, whatever others are contesting in the court is not our concern. It was a collective voting by Christians in the first place.

“Benue state is over 90 per cent Christains, Asiwaju won there, so will you say there were no Christain vote. Rivers state, will you say there were no Christian vote and you can go on and on to look at other states.”

Hayab, however, said the true response of CAN was to ignore El_Rufai, adding, “Ignore the man, who is calling for attention. Ignore the man, who is up to a gimmick. Don’t even take him serious.

“I know Uba Sani (the new governor of Kaduna) will find a way of uniting the state and taking it to higher ground, so El-Rufai is just trying to play game and we don’t even want to glorify his game.

“El-Rufai is not speaking for faith. We will not fight Muslims, we will not accuse Muslims, because we know El-Rufai is not speaking for them and we know Muslim will not think that way. We want a united Nigeria.

He ended by saying “We want a Nigeria that whoever we have given mandate to lead will lead us as a people,”.

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